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Quality politics

PLAMAT, S.L., company dedicated to the manufacture and supply of membrane and capacitive keyboards, covers, frontals, panels, backlit, assembly of subassemblies and screen printing work, digital printing, die-cast, hang tags, laser cutting and machining of plastic boxes, in the face of a market that is increasingly aware of the value of quality, takes on the challenge of implementing a management policy and continuous improvement of the quality of both our products and the service we offer to our clients..

Thus, adopt, at all levels of the organization, the Quality Management System derived from the application of the international ISO standard 9001:2015.

in addition, PLAMAT, S.L. is committed to supporting this Quality Policy, which makes available to the public and interested parties, providing all the necessary physical elements and resources required to motivate, raise awareness and train our staff, what is, as a last resort, who can guarantee correct application of the Quality Management System.

PLAMAT, S.L. is committed to meeting all quality requirements, applicable legal and regulatory, as well as any other requirement that PLAMAT, S.L. subscribe related to quality, whether with clients or other organizations. PLAMAT, S.L. is committed to applying a philosophy of continuous improvement.

If you want, as a final idea, make available to our customers a product that meets the most demanding standards recognized to define it and in service conditions that are to their complete satisfaction, conditions both essential to ensure our own viability in the future.