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Plamat is a family business founded in Barcelona in 1963. Initially, our manufacture focused on the production of metal plates, of which we became one of the main manufacturers. But, for years, we have been evolving and incorporating new products into our company.

This evolution has resulted in the manufacture of a wide range of products based on screen printing., how are membrane keyboards, covers and fronts, backlit methacrylate panels, capacitive keyboards ...

Plamat's philosophy has always been to be an entrepreneurial and innovative company. This is achieved with a research team with great professionals led by the owners of the company.. In this way, It is easier to be informed of any innovation in materials and in the possible production techniques generated by the market. All this is investigated, it is tested and rejected or incorporated into the production process generating better elaborated products or new products.

In Plamat we distinguish ourselves by our ability to adapt to the needs of our customers, produce "tailored" and personalized.

Our technical and design departments aim to advise and accompany the client throughout the product development process.

We always work with these principles:

  • Maximum quality
  • Innovation
  • Advice both in design and technical solutions
  • Direct and availability
  • Maximum adaptability to the needs of the customer
  • After-sales service