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Membrane switches

This type of keyboard is the human-machine interface more commonly used use because of its reability and strength, even in industrial environments. It is a superposition of printed layers, providing a variety of possibilities, both graphical and electrical.

  • Tactile sensation, smooth touch, with relief, with or without metal clincher to close the contact
  • Tightness, we apply it in environments with high humidity or submerged keyboards
  • Embossing or relief, facilitates positioning fingers; It is also used as a decorative detail
  • Integration of LEDs
  • Finished with various textures, bright, matt, etc.
  • Interchangeable texts, in one keyboard we can have different texts for use as needed
  • Rigid support with inserts, we can manufacture the keyboard with the necessary accessories for installation
  • Printed circuit on the back
  • Different types of connectors and step, adaptable to the functions required of the keyboard and the interior space
  • RCI/EMC protection, in industrial environments, prevents interference between different machines